Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Advantage of being a nerd to be successful

Yes, its a very different perspective that I present. Its something over the years that I've realized is quite true. To do a task successfully or to be good at something you need focus and dedication. Why nerds are such a big success in our society is because of that very reason. Their power of concentration or rather should I point their quality of not being distracted make the difference. Most of the things we do are not in itself difficult for anyone of us. Its just that many of us fail due to lack of concentrated effort. Either we are too smart to get down to the basics and solve the problem and put enough time in it or we are too lazy. Quality of being nerd helps in that way which helps you to behave like an obedient person and do the task in as theoretically correct as possible. The thing about being nerd is it lets you keep the negative energy and oversmartness out of the task. Most of the things require some degree of very simple basics to be performed before being overcome. Therein the nerd scores over. Just a simple thought which helps IITians doing things better till the point the feeling of IITian doesn't overwhelm them. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

IIT selection criteria changes

Lets me be straight about it. IITians are the cream of the nation. There is no doubt about it. And if you ask most of the IITians the reason for such quality out flux is that one test. The one test I surely know is toughest that I have gone through and most IITians share the same view. So when people talking about the board exams being one of the deciding factors they are asking you to choose something which can never screen talent and the quality that IIT deserves. There's a certain degree of respect that comes along with the tag IIT and make no mistake if you make those entry criterias subjective and based on exams which prosper on rote learning and depends mostly on memory retention and also can have doubtful scoring patterns be rest assured you are going to get quality dilution. There have been a lot of IITians in the past who can't boast of great scores in the board exams and take my word they have every right to be in IIT and more so than many others whom have better scores in these exams. Its a choice as a country that we make whom we give those elitist tags to. If we reward people for baseless reasons so be it. If we want to make a mockery of our image in the world because of dirty politics so be it. IIMs have already made their process quite weird with all those percentage allocations to boards and grades at college. But anyways IIM never have that global visibility as IIT to some extent has. I quite fail to understand how they have so much time to screw the processes more when in fact we as a nation have so many issues to fix. Politics at every level is the roadblock that we face. Its surprising that a man like Kapil Sibal with such impressive educational background is leading this stupid exercise. But the other way of looking at it is anyways crucial part of each individual's life and the challenge that we face day to day is politics, so lets teach the children from starting how to get used to it. Chalta hai!