Saturday, May 19, 2012

To IIT JEE students post results

Well if you are one of the those who have smiles after the JEE results congratulations. You have earned for yourself a lifetime of respect, not without a reason. Hopefully this would make you one of the better-offs in India in the future. For those who are not happy with their ranks etc take it in your stride and be happy about going to IIT. That much for those who are successful. They will not be the ones to care much about actually.
I would love to talk to or send a message to people who did not make it. First of all chill. If you had put in a lot of effort and failed my heart goes for you. But remember its just the starting of a new life. A life where success has different meanings. Trust me, if you are upset about your result now its ok but if you are concerned about your future and success in the future you will do fine. People come back and people take different paths to reach greater heights. If I were you maybe I wouldn't realize and share the thought now but as time passes it will sink in. And therein lies your chance. And to pump up your spirits, these days a good PG can overshadow your UG degree. So go out and tell your parents, relatives and friends that an IITian said its ok not to be in IIT. Instead help yourself in finding a goal which interests and inspires you and work towards it. Its not easy but that's the only way to get to what you are actually looking for. Remember you are too young to lose heart. Remember you are very young for a successful life ahead. Best of luck for your college lives.