Thursday, March 13, 2008

IIT but not IITians future

Over the past four years in one of India's top technical institute there's been a development of a different kind. Ostensibly the desired technical skills sets are nurtured but not up to a determining or satisfactory level.The achievements if analyzed properly will turn out to be non-compliant with the standards desired. The conventional and outdated teaching methodologies, lecture-tutorial lack of coordination, material cramming based examinations, planned but uncared scheduling, poor infrastructure and facilities management have conflated to make a mockery of the process ie the imparting of technical education. The reason I say only technical is that apart from gaining the basics of their respective departmental courses students learn all the arts to dwell well in this clogged environment. Keeping up with the project deadlines and submissions through mobilization of all possible resources except individual's originality and thereafter ensuring both quality and quantity of the developed entity is quite an achievement The process also mostly ensures that IITians evolve to achieve individual laurels.
The days are probably gone when the achievers were sincere conventional sloggers paving way through voluminous bookish data in not-so-well lit areas. It's time for smart and fast raffish boys who find their own ways to beat the system. If the measure is individual's performance there would probably be no complaints but if the overall picture of the development in technical expertise of nation's youth is looked at it is quite sad and dismal.
Being through all this I think somehow the prestiguous academic gurus here at IIT will have to shoulder responsibility and show some selflessness and maturity.They should try to get of their conventionalities, refresh their attitude and move towards youthful thinking, devise innovative stratergies and impregnate interesting methodologies in their teaching if at all IIT's have to maintain their lead in technical domain or else rustiness will begin to reflect in the performance and prestige of the institution.

Monday, March 10, 2008


With a bigger and much more spacious campus, a serene environment and relatively sober residents Roorkee is quite a contrast to Delhi. The hip-hop culture, the flaunting lifestyle,the aggressive tones and the overall attitude factor sets Delhi apart. Quite frequently heard and read about the Delhites specialties which the outsiders love to embark upon and usually don't appreciate was not surprisingly quite easy to observe. The inviting nature, the less intense body-language and with fewer thoughts on their minds,IITR seemed to be a younger sibling with amateurish prevarications. The talks had leg pulling,ridiculing and bantering missing in them which surely the IITD crowd can't live without. But then the toughness and boldness coefficient might lag behind, the casualty had a bit to travel to reach metropolitan elegance and coarser paths separates practicalities.
As far as the activities of students are concerned IITR inclines more towards physical activities like camping, trekking,cycle racing and sports culture looked much more prevalent. IITD might score over in creativity and cultural activities and being placed in heart of capital city, life can be more glamorous.The commonness arises from the zeal to excel, the competitive spirit and the highly talented individuals which surely both IIT's can boast about. The styles and cultures may contrast but the desires, spirits and the models are quite commendable and bound to result in successful endeavors.