Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Post IIT : Some differences

Well on campus even though everybody knows but nobody realizes that there are going to be differences once we step out there in the world. It had to happen. Some are pursuing higher educations(MS, MBA), some IAS, some working in technical jobs, some in finance and consultancy jobs, some excited about startups and some others looking for better opportunities each and every day. Something that as not changed is the urge to do better. When I interact with the limited social circle of IITians I feel there is a desperation out there. Somebody who is doing good wants still to be the best, somebody who is not is looking where he can be the best. There is a need for achieving excellence. On the other hand, the superiority in IITian attitude had taken a setback in the corporate life with XYZ's being their manager and colleagues. There is nothing important of them being IITian in their office now. Something which is different is also the financial rewards that we are receiving at our jobs. Comparisons are always made and will be and its not a nice feeling to be on the wrong side and there is always an arrogance and a feeling of vindication associated with the new richer souls. IIMs are one of the ways to bridge the gap and its become such a cult to discuss and be concerned about their calls. As like IIT they make it easier to get better packages. Its just been about 2 years since we are out of campus and yet there is so much maturity in terms what people want from their lives. Its not actually difficult for most to pursue their interests further. There is such a bad need of quality education that we all find post IIT as never felt earlier. It's also clear that as a country how weak our education system and pool of qualified professionals is. Also it also underlines the dire dependence of motivation for education on financial rewards. There are few reasons beyond it to get into something. But the bigger point is the futility of the whole process and the wasted and extra effort it leads to. Its probably a sad reality that most of us have witnessed.
Well not everybody is taking life so seriously. A different breed is which works 5 days and parties hard on the weekend. Eating out and hanging out in malls, pubs, restaurants with friends, gfs is common. Preparing for CFA, CAT, GRE and GMAT and applications for MS, switching jobs also consumes a lot of time. So all in all its quite different from making assignments and fighting for grades or that inter-hostel trophies but probably moving towards more meaningful things in life. That's wherein difference has come and lets see how it goes from here.