Saturday, December 13, 2008

I-banks, consultancies vs technology

First of all it's not a real bad feeling for me. More than not complain about the dullness of job life compared to the college life. IIT had always been an institution to me. The feeling of college came in the cultural fest or at times in the intra-inter hostel events. IIT was always a bit difficult for me to understand in the targets it wanted to achieve for its students. The faculties had no more interest than the conventional sarkari babus. Unfortunately or fortunately I am in a technical job or core job and it's not I thought a technical line would be. In IIT only i-banks or consultancies seemed to be the only good jobs and it seemed only because everybody around seemed to have that feeling and that feeling is trust me not at all logical. The truth of the matter is what is good for you...what spurs you on....what really excites you..and if it's not consultancy and finance and it's technology so be it. You can make it big even in technology. And the 'big' include money and prestige too. Don't know why probably except from a few compu guys never really appreciated the worthiness of technology. I must confess I was also one of them. Not that after working for six months in technology it excites me now but atleast now I appreciate its importance. There is quite a lot of scope in it and if my heart would have liked it the only logical thing would be to pursue it and not run after finance or consultancy just because a few believed that they were better. The fact of the matter is .... the decision for yourself and which sector you choose should depend upon your likings and expertise. So if you are better than rest in a particular field no matter what it is you can make it big. My sincere advice to future IITians would be if you think you are good in an area and you have realized it very early work hard and pursue that area and don't give away to all the crap that i-banks and consultancies have to be cracked to make it big in life.