Saturday, November 28, 2015

Work for yourself

Its been more than 7 years working in industry and 5 small or big companies I've been part of, each having its own distinct culture and way of operating. In this piece, won't be discussing on culture though but how my thinking has evolved after being part of these companies.

After college it was typical to make choices based on compensation and easy to get carried away in a profession where you do not belong. A costly mistake, not only in terms of money but also as it affects your mental well being over time. The future career either becomes tough to handle or you are compelled to start all over again. The power of compounding and sticking to what you want to do is always the best bet to take.

Most employees are liabilities on the firm just because they pretend to be what they are not. They do not want to be actually there. This is true for employees even at mid-senior levels. A trend that I've observed is most of the top brass in a company is very committed, focused and clear in its goals.

The point that I wish to highlight to who are relatively new to the industry is never take a job because of money only, if you cannot do justice to it or you do not want to be a part of the work that people inside are doing. You waste valuable time, invite negativity, risk your reputation, end up with little achievements and poor results which might not be a reflection of your true self and capabilities. More often than not you would not end up with good relationships as well. Just as you choose your friends choose a job and work life which you would love to be a part of. Remember even if it pays slightly less it would be far more rewarding in longer term. Easier said than done though, but if you can please do it for yourself. 


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